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How can I loop my minigame inside my game called PetCare

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asked Jan 27, 2021 by THOMAS GUERRA (280 points) 1 flag
Please check my shareCode.


Please let me know what should I do in depth please. I have to finish this by Friday.
please also add steps so its more understandable. Thank you so much!

1 Answer

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answered Jan 28, 2021 by Peter Minarik (88,520 points)
edited Jan 28, 2021 by Peter Minarik

I had a quick look on your code. It compiles and seems to work to a good extent, though looks incomplete and have some bugs here and there.

Do you have any specific questions?

A few things I noticed:

Problem #1

In TTT.java: private boolean check???ForWin() methods (all of them):

private boolean checkRowsForWin()
    for(int i = 0; i<3; i++)
        if(checkRowCol(board[i][0], board[i][1], board[i][2])==true); // <<<< Notice the semicolon here
            return true;
    return false;

Highlighted with red background there is a semicolon after the if statement in all of your win checker functions. This terminates the if with an empty statement and the next statement below (return true;) is always executed as it is not conditional anymore. Hence after every step, the minigame thinks you won.

Solution: remove the semicolon.

Problem #2

In Animal.java: public void getAllStats()
The name suggests that you get some kind of information (only read the Animal class), but the code actually changes the state of the Animal. I think this is misleading naming. Maybe call it ChangeStats or ElapseTime.

Problem #3

Also, I think I'd make Petstats be encapsulated within Pet. I think this is a 'has-a' relationship, so they should be tightly coupled. After this change, there's no need to have a name field in the Petstats class.

Problem #4

Your indentation is also sometimes inconsistent. I'd suggest when you enter a scope (within { and }) you indent the content inside and not have the same indentation as the opening and closing braces (but one extra level).

Problem #5

Also, I think the name and the type of the animal could be marked final, as they would never change. Right?

Problem #6

In TTT.Java: private boolean checkDiagonalsForWin()
You loop 3 times (unnecessary) and only check one diagonal, but no the other.
I think the correct code would be:

private boolean checkDiagonalsForWin()
    return checkRowCol(board[0][0], board[1][1], board[2][2]) ||
           checkRowCol(board[2][0], board[1][1], board[0][2]);
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