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I need some help w/ dictionaries (Python 3)

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asked Mar 11, 2021 by popstar403 (750 points)

ProductID = {}
ProductID[6969] = "Meme"
print(ProductID[input("What would you like to buy? (Imput product key)")])

How do I fix this?

1 Answer

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answered Mar 11, 2021 by KKN (1,110 points)
edited Mar 11, 2021 by KKN
ProductID = {}
#Would recommend just "69" not "6969" but you do you man.
ProductID[6969] = "Meme"

#Error Handling in case somebody does a funny >:P
    #Making the input an integer
    buy = int(input("What would you like to buy? "))
    print("Bought:", "\"" + ProductID[buy] + "\"", "ID:", buy)
except ValueError:
    print("The ProductID should be int(1234) not string(\"Hello World\")")
except KeyError:
    print("The", buy, "ProductID doesn't exist u dumb. I mean I literally printed it for u >:(")

I added some mean stuff, you can remove it if you want 8)

I know this won't really answer your question, but hopefully someone can elaborate.

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