what is a pointer?

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answered Jan 7 by krishna
a pointer is a stores the address of another variable is called a pointer
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answered Jan 8 by anonymous
A pointer is store a address of variable (location)
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A pointer is store a address of variable (Location of variable)

The pointer is difficult to understand for beginner
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answered Jan 16 by anonymous

- Fundamentally, a pointer is a number. Very often, it is represented as a hexadecimal number.

- If the hexadecimal number is a valid memory location, then it is deemed to be a valid pointer. If not, it is a illegal pointer. Consider that a_var is a integer variable. The unary operator  gets the memory address of any variable that has been defined. Therefore, the  expression &a_var will evaluate to a valid pointer.

- A pointer variable is used to store a pointer value. 

  int *pointer_a = &var_a; 

In the above code, pointer_a is initialised with the memory address of  var_a variable. Proper attention must be taken to assign a valid pointer value to pointer variable. Otherwise, when the unary operator is used to de-reference a pointer variable, it may result in a program crash or illegal memory access.  

  int *pointer = 0; // not a valid memory location 
  printf ("%d", *pointer); // de-referencing an illegal pointer value may likely cause program crash 

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