guys i am begginer so pls can you tell me which language i need to study first and how can i use it in life or somewhere

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asked Jan 11 by Luka Lomiashvili (190 points)

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answered Jan 18 by Siddhant_7114
Start with C/C++ and upscale accordingly. Syntax understanding will be easier for higher level languages. So i recommend you to start with C/C++ or Visual Basic and Q basic if interested.
commented Aug 28 by Mudasir Momand (230 points)
I disagree, C++ Is simply a-bit too advanced. I would recommend Python since it has such great and simple syntax,  like for example just to print a simple message in C++ would look like:

#include <iostream>

int main() {
    std::cout << "Hello World!";
    return 0;

Whilst Python would look like:
print("Hello, World!")

Now you decide which is more readable to beginners. C++ is yet more powerful and fast, but most definitely not a good starting point, If you start with Python you will be able to learn C++ much faster because at the end of the day all programming languages have the same basic fundamentals. SO. I won't stop you from learning C++ but I do not recommend it.
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answered Jan 18 by Akshay Sharma (200 points)
have a good start with c
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answered Jan 19 by AltQwerty 25 (200 points)
C++ / C# / C you can also learn 3 of them
commented Apr 27 by gfrve dfss (340 points)
c++ is the best for begginers
commented Sep 30 by Peter Minarik (12,220 points)
Out of these 3, I'd say C# is the most beginner friendly.

Due to garbage collection, your memory management is much more easier than C or C++.
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answered Jan 25 by Art Kiki
Learn Python. After week you will make interesting programs, it`s will motivate you from start and you will not have problems with syntaxsis
commented Aug 22 by Rishikesh-skimmer (120 points)
the  thing with starting in python is like a driving an automatic car ,you will learn programming but basics wouldnt be easy to grasp
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answered Jan 28 by saisamyukktha (240 points)
hello... please start with the basics of c programming... all the best
commented Apr 27 by gfrve dfss (340 points)
if you starts use scratch and after use c++ after python.
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answered Jan 28 by nabihah1 (220 points)
you can start it with scratch 2.0. then u can go further to python, C or C++
commented Jan 29 by dimasahmad (140 points)
I recommend this learning path. Scratch will make you familiar to think algorithmically, which is the basic of programming and computer science more generally.

I would recommend learning C. It's a small language, so you can master it relatively faster. It's also the "mother of modern language". Most programming language today has similar syntax based from C,  you will have easy time to master another language.

If you want to have the "industry standards" knowledge, then you probably want to learn python and/or golang. Python is currently the most popular language, and has arguably the biggest library ranging from basic console application, web server, desktop application, imaging, data mining, artificial intelegence, you name it. Golang is relatively a new language and may lack libraries to build projects faster and easier, but has proven to be "the next language" for many big companies because of it's unique features.
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answered Jan 28 by Mayank Chauhan (120 points)
You should start with c language,if you learn it deeply than you easily jump to next language.
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answered Jan 28 by Roshini Soma (90 points)
Go through over c lang
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answered Jan 29 by dipanjan (110 points)
c language will be better to start  or c++
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answered Jan 29 by AstroGaming23 (230 points)
Start with HTML, JAVA, and Python because those are the easiest and will help you learn C/C++
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