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Which one is good for web development HTML or C++?

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asked Jan 11 by Nihit 2345 (340 points)
edited Jan 11 by Nihit 2345
I am learning HTML and Python in school. I want to learn C++ and some other languages side by side. So it would be great if anyone can suggest me a easy language. BTW i am in class 7. You can also suggest some other language for web development if you like. I want to become a web developer or game developer.

3 Answers

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answered Jan 11 by codenxn (1,330 points)

I never knew that you can use c++ as web development 0.0 . I think you should learn HTML instead of C++ for web development

commented Jan 13 by Nihit 2345 (340 points)
OK Thanks for your help!
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answered Jan 15 by Prafull Chauhan (180 points)
HTML , CSS , Javascript
commented Jan 15 by Nihit 2345 (340 points)
Thanks fer yer help!
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answered Jan 23 by Veera Goud (210 points)
If you want to be a front end developer you can learn HTML,CSS,Bootstrap, or if you want to be a back end its better to learn Javascript for coding and for the storage of databases you can learn Nodejs or reactjs you can code all these in VScode which has a lot of extensions you can use to get your websites done perfectly.
commented Jan 27 by Nihit 2345 (340 points)
Thanks for your help!
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